How You Spend Your Time

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I’ve driven upwards of 3 hours to attended classes lasting for several hours in illustration, story boarding ect. and people are like wow you’re crazy. I also know many people who will fly across the country and pay to compete in a Jiu-Jitsu match that lasts 5 min. and people are like good use of your time.

Not A Coincidence

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The menstrual cycle is lunar in nature occurring approximately every 28 days. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine a woman will be at her optimal health when her menstrual cycle is in sync with the cycle of the moon with menstruation occurring during the new moon and ovulation near the full moon. There are 13 Lunar months in a year and thus the number 13 carries an effeminate quality representing wholeness. Which is why it is believed a Coven would be comprised of 13 witches and that there were 13 colonies to declare independence from Great Britain in 1776. The Free Masons laid the corner stone to the White House on Friday the 13th 1792. The order to exile the Templar Knights in France occurred on Friday Oct 13th 1307. The walls of Jericho collapsed after the city was encircled 13 times. In the United States the personal income tax and centralized Banking system both continuing to this day were established and implemented in the year 1913.

Free Download Worlds Deadliest Book 1 Deathly Weapons

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Worlds-Deadliest-Book-One-ThumbnailI’ve finally compiled the first chapter of my over the top martial arts webcomic worlds deadliest into a PDF Download. This digital comic book has a lot of content I have never published on online and you can download it for free. Featuring art work from Comic Book legend Josef Rubinstein, Sam Kressin and Kiyoshi Nakazawa. Just put your name and email in the box below after that you will have to check your email and confirm your email (this insures us that you aren’t a spam bot) and I will send you a link to download the comic immeditaley. You will continue to receive an email from us each month about all of our latest comics, behind the scenes sketches and art work, more freebies and awesome stuff opt out any time.


About Worlds Deadliest; Created in 2012 by Sam Kressin World’s Deadliest is a Series of illustrations and a webcomic inspired by the most, iconic over the top, old-school martial arts mail order advertisements ever made. The story Follows a young student of Karate as he travels the world to learn from the deadliest martial arts masters. See the video below for more details…

Drawing Pretty Girls Day 52

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This is the last drawing in the course! I have recreated every illustration in the Famous Artist Cartoon Course. BUT my Master study is still far from being finished. Next up is to complete the final assignment given in the Lesson. Then from there I am going to take the lesson ever further with some additional studies that I will talk about in the future. Stay tuned.

Drawing Pretty Girls Day 50

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Day 50 of the Master Study I’ve been doing from Famous Artist Cartoon Course Lesson 7 Drawing Pretty Girls.
<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-816″ src=”” alt=”Pretty_Girls_Day53″ width=”600″ height=”701″ />